Serial Chillers

Reviews, interviews and more!


Being that we are a newly formed blog we are looking for publishing members to:

  • write articles on soon to be released movies, movie reviews, game reviews, ect.
  • find chilling stories, fictional or non-fictional to publish
  • hold interviews with artists, filmmakers, writers and people in new or soon to be released films

Members should:

  • acquire outstanding communication, writing and grammar skills
  • publish multiple times a week to ensure success of the blog
  • have open communication with the staff and other members of the team
  • contribute new ideas to the staff to better the blog and the viewers needs
  • always have a positive attitude within posts and meetings

Another team we are looking to currently form is a social team. We are looking for strong members within the horror movie community who love horror movies, love advertising and love public relations. Serial Chillers needs people who can:

  • actively endorse the spread of Serial Chillers and it’s purpose
  • bring in new readers and possible contributors
  • maintain social media networks to ensure progress and publicity
  • suggest and arrange social events that can take place to raise social revenue
  • communicate with readers and potential readers

Currently we are only interested in inviting publishing and social team members. In the future we will have staff openings for: editing teams, marketing teams and, graphic design teams. We also currently are only taking on volunteers. In the future when more positions become available we will consider offering paid positions on the blog and the magazine.

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining our spooky team! If you would like to submit an application please do so here. What you may include is a portfolio or articles that you have previously written or had published in the past. You may also include any other art or form of work that you feel would best demonstrate your values as a writer or having great people/social skills.


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