I love when I find a fun horror game that not only has great art work but as well as having a stimulating story line. This indie game definitely caught my eye when I saw the art work. I didn’t really look into the game at first glance but I bought it anyways because of how spooky the art presented itself. The best way to describe this would be Tim Burton meets Minecraft, a need for survival with¬†peculiar art to go along with it.

In the game you start out with the character, Wilson. This game is all about survival and you must keep your hunger, health and sanity up to preserve your life in-game. When I first started playing it took me awhile to get get the hang of things because there are little to no tips provided which turned me off in the beginning. However, after looking up a few guides I quickly caught the hang of things. The guides and forums on Steam were very beneficial to my successful survival rates now.

The game is gauged off of the days that you survive. What also makes this game unique is that there are seasons, weather, monsters, animals which can benefit or harm your survival rate. I like how challenging the game gets later in the game when the seasons start to change. There are three times of day which are day, dusk and night. You have day and dusk to go around collecting resources to help you survive and later build a camp. During the night if you don’t make a fire you will be attacked by creatures and other things that go bump in the night. Each game is different because the map is always changing and you always spawn in a new place in the beginning of a game. After you die, you gain experience which later unlock more characters with unique features that can benefit your survival.

If you have steam you can buy it there for $14.99. I was lucky enough to have got it on their holiday sale and purchased it for less than $5. So if you love indie games as well as unique art and stimulating survival games (like Minecraft) this might just be the game for you.